Monday, June 14, 2010

Shampoo Detox

So, here is something sort of weird: I have begun making my own shampoo and conditioner.

My friends Ann Peterson and Nicole Stiles told me that they do this. They told me about how shampoo is really just a bunch of chemicals that strip your scalp of its natural oils and that they had begun making their own shampoo. They also told me that they each went through about 6 weeks of detox where their scalp was producing a large amount of oil (because it was used to having them stripped each day). However, once their scalp adjusted to their newer, less intense version of shampoo, their hair became the best hair you can imagine. Soft, smooth, shiny...all the things commercials promise. I know its weird that I wrote the last 2 sentences. Lets just say that when they had me actually touch their hair (ask Abby, she felt it too), I was a believer. Plus i love the idea of a detox and homemade stuff. So yesterday I started trying this thing out.

shampoo: 1 teaspoon baking soda dissolved in 1 cup water.
conditioner: 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar in 4 cups water.
(Ann and Nicole use different variations of this...Nicole uses more baking soda and less vinegar)

I am using a plastic bottle with a cap that goes to a point.... like an old restaurant ketchup bottle--- or a "hair dye" bottle at a beauty store. Ann told me to use this for the shampoo so I can make sure I get all of my scalp.

She also said you don't have to do the conditioner every day... maybe once a week. It will remove build up that the baking soda leaves. It is important to use APPLE CIDER vinegar... not white vinegar or any other kind. -- they have different PH levels.

So I used it for the first time yesterday afternoon (I don't usually shower in the afternoons, but i had mowed the lawn and needed it) and used it again this morning. I will update once I am farther in to the process.

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  1. I have a friend who is doing this now, she seems satisfied. Since being pregnant, and now breastfeeding, I think a lo about the chemicals I use in and on my boy. I think I have been persuaded to take this route. Thanks for the post.