Monday, June 21, 2010


Jay-Z. This guy fascinates me. A lot of people have made the transition from drug dealer to rapper. But Jay-Z went from crack dealer to mega star. He has 11 #1 albums, more than Elvis. He is only behind the Beatles. That is nuts. And he is 40 and is still going strong.

And he is so much more than a rapper. He and Damon Dash started Rocawear clothing. In 2006 Jay-Z bought out Dash for 30 million. In 2007 he turned around and sold the company for 204 million while staying CEO. He owns part of the New Jersey Nets, is co-brand director for Budweiser Select (what? ridiculous!) and to top it all off, he is married to Beyonce. He has his hands in business deals all over the world.

I want to watch a "Behind the Music" special on this guy. Or a movie. Just some documentary on him because his rise just blows me away. This is not your average guy. This is a really smart guy who seems to have taken advantage of every opportunity ever given to him.

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