Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iPhone 4

Yep, I totally got sucked in. Today, i pre-ordered an iPhone4 for both me and Abby.

I am not the guy who buys the newest thing. I don't stand in line for the newest video game system release, I didn't buy the original iPhone when it was $600. The newest technology just doesn't make me as happy as it seems to make others.

I bought the iPhone4 for Abby and I for multiple reasons:
1. I was still on my parents phone plan and wanted to get off it.
2. Abby's old phone plan was paid for by Asbury. With her new job, we needed to get a phone plan for her.
3. It made sense for me to leave my parent's plan and start a Family Plan with Abby.
4. I travel a ton for work and the iPhone makes travel so much easier. Directions, finding restaurants, checking e-mail on the road, etc.
5. If this phone cost $600 like the original iPhone, or even $300, i would not have bought it. I just don't care that much. But at $200...I can handle that. Especially since i hope this will be our phone for a long time.
6. Also travel related, the video-call capability on the phone is awesome. To be able to SEE Abby when I call her and am on a 5 day trip is huge.

So yea. I am excited about it. The sucky thing is that me and Abby both have to get new numbers. Be looking for a text/e-mail/facebook message from me telling you my new number.

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