Thursday, June 17, 2010

No DC Talk Reunion

So, there is this large Christian Music festival in the town I live in, Wilmore, every year. It is called Ichthus. Asbury (both of them) are huge sponsors of the event and we end up having booths and working at the event. It also gives us free tickets to the festival.

So last night the headliners were Newsboys and TobyMac. The new lead singer of the Newsboys is Michael Tait, who was in DC Talk with Toby Mac. we all had huge hopes of a mini DC Talk reunion happening. So I went. I don't really like either band's music, but the possibility of witnessing this mini reunion was enticing enough to get me to go.

FAIL. It didn't happen. The Newboys even played Jesus Freak as their last song. It would have been so easy (and so cool) for Toby to run out, do his little rap parts, and the place would have exploded. Nope. I stayed an hour into Toby's set, watched him play "In the Light" (another great old DC song) and waited for Tait to come out and give us what we all wanted. Nope.

Why? Why not take this opportunity to do something cool for an audience. I have been let down like this before at festivals, where a band has feature a member of another band on their album, and then both bands are at the festival together and when that featured part comes you just hope the guest member will run out and fill his part. And then they don't. And I just think, "Fail".

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