Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Some people have terrible in-laws. This is a terrible thing. To marry into a crazy, dysfunctional, problem causing family is the nightmare you never want to experience. (It is also the plot for dozens of sitcom episodes because it is so true to life.) A father-in-law who hates you, a mother-in-law that tries to control your life, a brother-in-law that has money, drug, alcohol, or other issues...the possibilities are endless. My dad used to say "You aren't just marrying the girl, you are marrying the family." It really drives home the point: you need to consider the family you are joining when you pop the question.

I have GREAT in-laws. Abby's paternal grandmother is a grand lady. Think old Hollywood. They named the street she lives on after her: St. Emily Drive. She is a giver. I have spent so little time with her, but I can tell how much she loves me. This makes me love her in return.

Abby's maternal grandparents are just the nicest people you will ever meet. Their home is my vacation spot of choice. It feels like the Shire or Rivendell to me. When you show up they just ask you to hang out. Read a book, take a nap, do whatever you want and if you decide you want to hang out with us, we will be here. No pressure. When Abby and I are there, we wake up late, eat breakfast on the porch and just watch the myriad of birds who eat from the various feeders her grandpa puts up. We lounge around all day, eat good food, and play games at night. During the winter they always have a fireplace going.

My mother-in-law is such an inspiring person. She has gone from working at a hotel while supporting her husband while he was in seminary to now being the Associate VP of Marketing at Indiana Wesleyan University. My brother-in-law Alex, well, I just like hanging out with him. We go to the gym together, write and share our stories together, play video games together, and just act like brothers. I love it.

Abby has a step dad named Chuck. He is who I consider my father-in-law because I interact wit him so much more than I do with Abby's biological father. Chuck gets his own post. Click here to read it.

Sure, there are a couple of black sheep somewhere down the line and my in-laws are not always perfect, but on the whole, they are amazing. From Saturday-Monday of last week we were at their annual immediate family reunion at a state park in Indiana. I loved every minute. If you are single, pray for in-laws this great.

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  1. I've also been fortunate w/ in-laws. Before my wife and I married, I would often hang out at her house even when she wasn't there.