Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ocho

In the movie Dodgeball they showed the dodgeball tournament on ESPN8, The "Ocho."

I got such a huge kick out of that. I am an ESPN nut and loved that they were poking fun of how many channels ESPN had. I mean, seriously, do we need this much sports TV?

Then last night I realized that ESPN almost has 8 regular TV channels!

2. ESPN2
3. ESPNews
5. ESPN Classic
6. ESPN Deportes

Those are 6 normal channels you can get on cable. If you include, which is an online site where you can stream live video (and they are pushing really hard right now) they are up to 7! Please, please let them make one more channel and actually call it "The Ocho."


I just did a little wikipedia research. ESPN has tons of channels I didn't know about. ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Plus, ESPN Brasil, ESPN International, ESPN Australia. Then there are all their HD channels. You can technically count ESPN2 and ESPN2HD as two separate channels. Wikipedia actually lists 22 different ESPN channels. Wow.

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