Friday, September 10, 2010

James Hance: Very Cool Pop Art

I want to share with you all this artist I have recently found. His name is James Hance and as his website says he makes "Relentlessly Cheerful Art." He makes fun mash-ups of star wars/winnie the pooh, sesame street/DC Comics, The Beatles/Jurassic Park, etc. Every piece is a fun pop reference mash up.

If you haven't heard, Abby and I are going to be welcoming a baby boy into the world in February. I want to put one of (or all three) of these pieces in the nursery room.

The prints are only $10. So, if you want to get us a super cool gift...just saying.

Please go to and check out James' art. My favorite section art the paintings/prints and the cartoons. Here are a few more samples of what James does.


  1. I really do think those top three are totes presh and would love to hang them in our little man's room.

  2. those are awesome. the last one kind of freaks me out though.