Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love Blogs/Blogs I love

I really like the concept of blogs. I like that they give me the ability to keep up with the lives of my friends who live at a distance. They also give us the opportunity to peek into the thoughts and feelings of our friends. I feel like blogs let in you in to Level 2 of a person. (Level 1 is the surface level stuff, Level 2 is a little deeper: thoughts, feelings, dreams, etc. Level 3 is that intimate, I-only-tell-my-best-friends-these-things, and that should not be blogged about.)

Anyway, I really like blogs. Below are the blogs I follow. I know that some can be seen on the bar to the right, but those are only blogspot blogs. Below includes blogs of friends who use wordpress, tumblr, etc. You might want to check some or all of these out:

Abby Wilkinson: My wife. Her blog is 'cute' and will be a fun one to follow as our life tends to be a little crazy

Cayli Clemmons: A friend from college who is working for Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Tennessee

DJ Ennis: aka Dodger aka Dot aka Deej

Evan Duszynski: it seems that Evan saves his philosophical thoughts for his blog

Holland Hames: an Asbury friend who is graduated and off to the next stage of life. Navy? Sales? Traveling Europe? Who knows, Holland might do them all.

Jen Wiles: a friend from college who is currently on a 6 week road trip across the US. She is fun and philosophical.

Jenelle McClean: Asbury Freshmen Class Sponsor, Initiative Grant winner, all around fun person.

Jonathan Powers: musician/theologian

Kate Brannen: Who doesn't love Kate Brannen? I mean seriously?

Kyle Westfall: a great friend from seminary. He has only begun to blog, but if he gets going it will be a fun read

Lauren John: recently did a fabulous photo shoot in a sunflower garden

Marie-Claire: elle écrit avant qu'elle pense

Mark and Erin: friends from college who blogged their entire pregnancy/birth and are now refelcting on life with a newborn. Truthful, endearing, and sometimes graphic

Matt Walters: dude younger than me who is teaching undergrad level English classes at my alma mater

Phil Tallon: currently teaching @ Asbury University, Asbury Seminary & the CSC @UK. 2 books coming out soon.

Ryan Kocak: former roommate. husband. father. gardener. seminary student. theologian. poet.

Sarah Seaton: Sarah works as a promo editor or something like that for the DIY network. She meets fun people like the Man vs. Food guy and also does freelance video stuff.

Sarajane Case: granola eating, world traveling, fun-inspiring. Also a fantastic photographer. A true liver-of-life. And a dear friend.

Life at K-Homes: the blog of a friend who lives in India as a mi**ionary. Read about her life and then pray for her ministry. I love how honest she is in her blog.

If you are not on my list and you are a friend of mine its probably because I don't know you have a blog so comment with your blog address. It might also be because you have a blog but haven't updated it in months. I might still follow you but wasn't going to suggest anyone else do so as I don't want to suggest a dead blog. You know who you are.

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