Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Hymn

This is a hymn I recently wrote. It began as a project for my "Song Lyrics and Theology" class when I was in seminary. I am still a novice but about a week ago I decided to try my hand at writing a song on the mandolin. I picked out a basic chord progression I liked and then starting thinking of what would fit lyrically. I started flipping through the songs written for the Song Lyrics and Theology class and this one fit nearly perfect. I started playing with it, altered the chord progression slightly, and then began writing a few more stanzas. I ended up with five, went over them with Abby, one got cut and this is what I ended up with.

I added in the chord progression above the first stanza. I also added the Bible verses that inspired each line. (I think this was part of the original assignment and it naturally carried over into the rest of the writing process.) Some of the lines are direct quotes from the verses and some simply served as inspiration. You will see 2 lines have no Bible verse attached. Though I could probably find some verse that was related to these 2 lines, these lines were not actually inspired by a specific verse but by my experience. I hope to do a little video blog recording of it (with Abby singing perhaps, hopefully?) and post it so you can hear the melody.

Behold, He is coming (Rev 22:7)
He whose voice is like the sea (Rev 1:15)
Em C Em C
His eyes, they blaze like a consuming fire (Rev 1:14)
Em C D G
And from this fount doth spring the tree (Rev 22:2)

This world is full of darkness
But he will make all things new (Rev 21:5)
In His hand He holds every star (Rev 1:16)
And with this hand, He holds mine too

We hear every nation (Rev 7:9)
Cry holy, holy thrice to thee (Rev 4:8)
He is who was, and He is to come (Rev 4:8)
The one and only Almighty (Rev 4:8)

His leaves will bring all healing (Rev 22:2)
and in the swaying join the tune (Romans 8:22)
as the Spirit and Bride cry, "JESUS COME!" (Rev 22:17)
He replies, "I'm coming soon." (Rev 22:20)

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