Sunday, August 22, 2010


This has been a good weekend of rest. And boy did I need it. Haven't had a real weekend in a while. You know, a weekend where you do whatever you want, where there are no expectations. My last three weekends were not that way. Thankfully this one was.

Friday night I went to bed at 10pm. I did not wake up Saturday until 10 am. On the dot no less. 12 hours of sleep. Deep sleep. It was fantastic. Went and ran 1 errand in Lexington and then accomplished one large task before 1230 and then had lunch with abby's parents. Hung out a bit and then went to the sat night church service. We got qdoba for dinner and watched a bunch of avatar: the last airbender. (I love how into it Abby has gotten). We went to bed at midnight and I slept in till 10 again. Abby had left early for church (she had to sing in the 2 morning services) and I had made a list the night before of things I wanted to do on sunday. Between 10 and 5 today I washed the dishes, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom, read the bible, read The Shack, and got all the laundry done (and watched more avatar with abby). That may not sound like a day of rest, but it feels so good to have those important tasks done. A weight off my mind. And anytime I get to read the bible and for pleasure in the same day is good.

This weekend at church the pastor spoke about rest. He spoke about us retraining ourselves to have too much time instead of never having enough. We feel like if we don't have every hour planned then we aren't being productive. Productivity seems to be the goal now-a-days. If we aren't being productive then we are being lazy. That just isn't true. Most people are not constantly productive. They are just constantly busy. Those are 2 different things. Resting is productive. Resting is one of the ten commandments. We fear to rest, to give time to god. We feel we need that time to stay productive. But pastor Kevin said something that really struck home this week. He said many of us have experienced the miracle of tithing, where we give 10% to god and god helps us do more with 90 than we could have done with 100. So why don't we trust him to do the same with our time? Why not give him 30 minutes of our day and trust him to help us do more with less? I love the idea. It is one I hope to begin living by more regularly.

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