Friday, August 20, 2010

The Lord Provides

When Abby was offered the job as RD of Kresge, one of the largest difficulties I knew we would face would be finding people to rent our house. Not difficulty in finding people who wanted to rent, but people we were comfortable renting to. Quickly a favorable situation presented itself: my friend Ryan Kennedy was looking for a new place to live. "Great!," I thought. "A friend who I trust. Our need meets his need. Perfect. And when I go hang out with Ryan, I will get to hang out at my own house." Soon we had other guys lined up to rent with Ryan. All seemed good.

Then I got a call. For reasons I will not disclose, Ryan returning to Kentucky had become a hardships for him. He couldn't rent the house. Crap. Then a second member of the renting trio dropped out. Double crap. Now what do we do?

Well, the Lord provided. Out of nowhere come three girls, all graduates of Asbury with full-time jobs, need a house to rent. They came as a trio as they were already renting a duplex together. GREAT! We signed a lease with them last Saturday. They are in, the utilities are changed over and we have our place rented for a year. YEAH!

This is only one of many ways the Lord has provided for us and those around us lately. (Lately? How about the last 2 years! How about my whole life?) Abby's mom got a sweet job at Indiana Wesleyan University a while back and that required the family to sell their house and move to Indiana. I don't know if you have noticed, but we are in an economic recession. Realtors are having trouble because not a ton of people are buying homes and a ton of people are trying to sell. This creates a buyer's market where buyers get great deal, barter their way down to the lowest price possible, etc. So Abby's parents put their house on the market and the first person who looks at it buy it. FOR THE LISTING PRICE! Are you kidding me? That is crazy! The Lord provides.

Praise God.

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