Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am gonna be a dad

So if you haven't already heard via facebook, twitter, or from looking at my previous post which included pictures from our home (crib included), my wife Abby is pregnant and I am going to be a dad. I am super excited. Before Abby got pregnant I could legitimately say I did not feel the need to be a father. Some people do feel this need. If they do not become a parent they will feel incomplete. Not me. I think I would have been content my whole life to be an adult and do whatever I wanted. I mean, seriously, I didn't even want to get a dog because I didn't want to worry about caring for someone else's needs. Taking care of me and Abby was enough. I might have at one point or another looked back and wondered "what if" and maybe some day in the future I would have been sad that I did not ever have a child of my own, but that feeling would have passed and I would have been fine.

Now that Abby is pregnant, I am just so excited. I love this tiny unborn kid inside her more than should be possible. I can't wait to hold it, to raise it, to teach it, to love it. To show it love. To help it understand the love of God. (I keep saying "it" because we don't know the gender yet). At this point, I still think I can say I would not feel unfulfilled if I never had a child. However, I do think my life will be more full now that a child is coming into it.

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