Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Let me tell you something that has happened that does not usually happen in professional sports. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh each signed deals with the Miami Heat. Each one of them took less than the maximum deal that was possible for them. Now Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller have signed with the Heat, each taking less than the maximum available to them. As a whole, these 5 players have signed on for a total of 60 million dollars less than they could have made elsewhere because they want to be a part of something special. They want to win.

This is not normal in our culture. They are supposed to take the maximum deal available (like Joe Johnson did) and be the highest paid player on an average team. They are supposed to be "the man" and have everyone in the arena looking to them. These guys have decided to put that ego-driven, money-driven crap behind them. Haslem, who is a power forward, will be asked to play center, a position he is less comfortable with, because power forward is Bosh's position. His response, "We've already sacrificed," Haslem said. "Why stop sacrificing now? I'm committed to do what it takes to make this team successful." Amazing.

I respect this. I respect this team that will most likely be the most hated team in the league (if they are not they will only be second to the evil Lakers). I will root for this team every single night. I am a Magic fan, I am a Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen fan (which by default makes me a Celtic fan until they retire), but I will be rooting for the Heat. I want sacrifice, the shedding of ego, to be rewarded. If i was a Cav's fan I would be devastated. And LeBron having a TV special to announce his Decision was arrogant. Wade and Bosh having documentary crews follow them was a bit self centered. But in the end, these guys have set an example and I for one applaud them for it.

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