Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun Money

Abby and I have this great system when it comes to money. We have a budget that we use to keep track of all of our money. A column for savings, gas, groceries, date night, etc. The last two columns are Aaron's Fun Money and Abby's Fun Money. We set that we each get X $ a month. If you overspend, the deficit rolls over and if you underspend, the balance rolls over. So if Abby wants to save for 3-4 months and then go on a shopping spree, great. Doesn't bother me or worry me. It keeps us accountable to what we spend and it keeps us from every looking at the other one and saying "You spent OUR money on WHAT?" because its not our money, its mine or hers. We share all of our money expect for our fun money columns.

As most of our friends know, Abby and I are moving into Kregse dorm at Asbury because Abby is the RD there now. We are doing the BIG move Tuesday but started doing some smaller loads yesterday. Below is a picture of the last load we did, what Abby called our "collectible" load because it is what Abby and I like to spend our fun money on: shoes and comics respectively.

Fun right?

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  1. ha, love it. Me and Kyle do the same and it's so helpful for us. I think it really helps us to stay on budget too. I have a feeling our fun money car will look very similar.