Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Follow-up posts

Just 2 follow ups to previous posts:

Shampoo Detox: I used the baking-soda/water shampoo for 3 weeks. I have not had any crazy detox issues, have not had days where my hair is ridiculously oily. Again, I think that is because I had been using a natural, herbal shampoo bar for months beforehand, and that is what I have now gone back to. They are more convenient, because you do not have to make the mixture every day or so and they lather, which I like. I didn't hate the baking soda stuff, and I would go back to it if I ran out of shampoo bars before I used regular shampoo. However, i am loving the apple cider vinegar conditioner. I will continue to use it.

iPhone4: I posted about why I wanted an iPhone4 and how annoyed I would be if my delivery was super delayed. Here is my experience with the device so far:

*It arrived a day early (so happy!) on June 23.
*It was easy to set up.
*I have been able to easily create custom ring-tones for it (I hate that everyone who has an iPhone uses the same couple of rings)
*I truly find apps to be useful tools to make the gathering of information quicker.
*I love using the free game apps to waste time when I am bored

*I have not personally experienced the dropped calls thing everyone is talking about, but the fact that it exists bothers me.
*There are no good case options yet.
*When I hold the phone to my ear to talk, it often does not lock the way it is supposed to. My ear often taps the speakerphone option. It is very annoying.

Okay, so nothing that important but I wanted to follow up on those two posts.

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