Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Decision

Just watched The Decision special where LeBron James chose his new team. I have been excited about the summer free agency period for months. It has not disappointed.

The Bulls get better by adding Boozer, the Knicks continue to suck (I hate new York) and only get one big name guy who will look like a chump now that he is on terrible team. Joe Johnson gets over paid in a contract that will cripple the Hawks for years to come, david lee gets traded to the warriors (who saw that coming?), and Rudy gay gets over paid to stay in Memphis.

Then, of course, the biggest news of all is lebron, wade, and bosh all going to Miami to try and create a dynasty. I hope they succeed. I hope they really do take less money so that Miami can sign a quality supporting cast. I hope all 3 take identical deals so they all appear even.

It has been fun. Annoying at some points (such as when sportscenter became 42 minutes of lebron watch and 18 minutes of sports news) but mostly fun. I can't wait for the season to start.

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