Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grumble: Blogger

I have decided I really am not too impressed with blogger/ It does not have an iPhone app that I can use to blog on the go. Weak. If I take time to write 2 or 3 blogs in a row and save each as a draft with the plan to publish them one day at a time, when I do publish them, they are listed by date composed, not date published. I find myself having to compose, save, and then copy and paste on the day I want to publish. Weak. I feel like the photo upload system is awful.

I find myself very impressed with my friends who use wordpress. When I go to a friend's blog who uses wordpress from my iPhone, it automatically takes me to a mobile version and gives me the option to view the full version. I love that. It has an iPhone app. Even better.

I am thinking about making the switch. Anyone used both and have an opinion? Anyone made the switch? Were you able to easily import your posts from blogger to wordpress so you didn't start with a fresh, empty blog? What are your opinions on hosting the blog on versus self-hosting. I am currently leaning toward purchasing a domain name and self-hosting. Worth it or no?

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