Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buying a House

So, Abby and I put a bid in on a house yesterday. We had only begun looking at houses on Saturday.  The process moved really fast, much faster than I wanted to.  I hoped to look for a week or two, but our #1 house had someone else bid on it so we had to jump into the game. 

So, things I've learned from house buying:
1. There are unspoken rules in the real estate business. That is annoying to me, because people like me, the first time buyer, don't know the rules. 
2. House buying is too formal. This comes from the world being too untrustworthy.  The only reason we have so much paper work is because too many people have been unsavory.  Paperwork protects us.  I want to live in a world where I don't need protecting. In a world where you can deal honestly with someone. 
3. I get nervous when it comes to money.  I like to be in control and out of debt.  This process takes both from me.  
4. Abby is great. I know this doesn't seem like it fits here, but I wouldn't have done any of this without her. 

So yea, thats all for now. Our bid went in yesterday.  It is a foreclosure, so it will take longer than usual to find out if we got it. I will post pictures of it if we do. 

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