Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here are my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Finish reading the entire Bible.
I attempted this last year and got through approximately half. I should be able to do this pretty easily and I would still be pretty happy with finishing the entire Bible in two years.

2a. Do not buy a book for an entire year.
I own a lot of books. Right now I have approximately 330 books on the bookshelves in our living room. Of those 330 I have read approximately 140 which means I have read approximately 42% of the books I have out on my shelves. I would like to have read at least 50% of the books I own. So my plan is to stop buying books this year and...

2b. Only read books I own.
This will help me creep closer to the 50% mark. I think need to read around 35 books to reach that. If I read 35, that would be great, but I am going to start with a much more modest goal of 12. That would be one a month. I think reading 20 is a reasonable and attainable goal.

2c. Do not go to a thrift store for a year.
An interesting little note is that, of the books out on my shelves, approximately 37% of them have come from thrift stores. When I go to thrift stores, I do so to hunt books. So, if I am trying to not buy books, I need to stay away from thrift stores. Basically, the only reason I can see myself going to a thrift store is for clothes for Eli or funny clothes for a theme party.

3. Blog once a week.
Thinking Mondays will be my "update the blog day."

4. Fast for 26 out of the 365 days in 2011.
Basically this would be one day every other week. This is something I did when I was in India and it worked well. I am allowing myself to do occasional 3 day fasts and that would count toward the 26 day total.

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  1. I'm in as well! Looking forward to journeying with you this year.