Monday, October 18, 2010

Story from the Road: Sweet Tea

The Moody Bible Institute fair was fantastic. One of the reasons it was fantastic was that they gave every recruiter one free drink at their coffee shop. I had just finishing setting up my booth and found the room rather stuffy and hot. I felt like I needed a cool drink to refresh me so I went and got in line. As I am waiting, I peruse the menu to find that perfect cool drink that will restore me to sanity before the fair begins. And then I see it. On their menu is "Southern Sweet Tea." I think, "Is it possible for them to have actual SOUTHERN sweet tea here in this coffee shop in Chicago?" But my desire for the nectar of the gods that is sweet tea outweighed my skepticism and I ordered. The girl behind the counter takes my order and asks where I am from. "Kentucky," I answer. "Oh, well then you will have to let us know if our sweet tea measures up," she replies. I wait. She grabs a pitcher out of a refrigerator and pours me a tall glass. She hands it to me and I take a swallow. My taste buds rejoice to find that this, indeed, does measure up to what I was hoping for. Not exactly my wife's sweet tea, but good enough. The cold tea cools restores my body to a proper temperature and the taste of the tea makes me feel at home. I am happy and am ready for the fair. Bring on the students.


  1. I went to the Moody Bible Institute Fair when I was a recruiter for ATS and got my free drink, too! It must have been fall of 2007... I had a terrible cold and felt like death so I got something warm and chocolately.
    Enjoy Chicago!
    Courtney Westfall